Independent candidate for Benambra Jacqui Hawkins calls on the Victorian Labor Government public housing plan to include rural and regional Victoria

Today, the Victorian Labor Government announced it would invest in building new homes to address homelessness, family violence and public housing - if re-elected.

Independent candidate for Benambra Jacqui Hawkins said “the fact regional and rural Victoria is not included in the plan is disappointing and a huge oversight”,


According to ABS statistics, the number of family violence incidents in Wodonga is in the top 17% across the state. From 2012 to 2017 incidents grew 36%. 

In 2017, almost 1000 people (949) people presented to Beyond Housing for homelessness assistance and one third of these were families with children.

“You can’t ignore what is happening here in regional and rural Victoria,” Ms Hawkins said.

“We need a plan so that people within our communities who are most vulnerable, have a safe place to live and not forced to stay in family violence situations because there is nowhere to go.”

Ms Hawkins said she called on the Victorian State Government to seriously address these issues in rural and regional Victoria.

“The Government needs to look beyond the brim of the Melbourne,” she said.

“Our communities here sit in the highest percentile of Victoria and they are significant issues within regional and rural Victoria that can’t be overlooked.”

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