Our community’s health matters. I will advocate for capital works for our regional and rural hospitals to meet our health needs, increased funding and education for rural mental health services (including youth mental health services) and greater State Government investment in psycho-social support services. I support programs focused on developing resilience in young people in rural and regional areas and will lobby for professional well being services in schools.


Ensuring our region has both the services and access to early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary education for our growing community is a priority to ensure our young people get the best possible start in their education life cycle. I will advocate for affordable childcare, support early pathways and transition programs from school to TAFE and University and collaboration between our education, training providers and industries.


I will work with our communities to build a strong and cost-effective clean energy sector and support local renewable energy projects. I will encourage adaptation and innovation to ensure farms and businesses can be sustained through a changing climate and regulatory support for community energy initiatives and protecting our water.


Connectivity between our regions and people is of great social and economic importance. I will stand up and fight for our community to have a reliable and future ready train service, funding to maintain and upgrade our roads and transport services that reflect the needs of our community.



Small businesses drive economic growth and support hundreds of local jobs. I will encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in business to meet the needs of our 21st century economy and ensure a collaborative approach with all levels of government to address cross-border anomalies.


The wild deer and dog population is an important issue in our farming communities. The increasing numbers are having an impact on both the health of our land and our farming families. I will assist farmers in their need to have support and access to appropriate resources in the forming of any management plan.