MEDIA RELEASE: Independent candidate for Benambra Jacqui Hawkins set to host flash mob on cross-border licensing anomaly

Independent candidate for Benambra Jacqui Hawkins will host a ‘Flash mob’ on Thursday, October 18 at Union Bridge, Wodonga at 3:30pm to highlight the road rule differences for L-plate and P-plate drivers in Victoria and NSW.

Ms Hawkins said the event would draw attention to cross-border issues and anomalies between the two states.

“In June, a round table discussion was held which saw a positive conversation begin between State and Federal Ministers on addressing cross-border issues,” Ms Hawkins said.

Those discussions involved former Federal Small Business Minister Craig Laundy. The new Minister is Senator Michaelia Cash.

“It’s an opportune time with the State Government heading into administration.The Victorian cross-border Commissioner started this week and will host stakeholder engagement to identify priority areas,” Ms Hawkins said.

Ms Hawkins said she would work closely with Federal MP Cathy McGowan and Victorian cross-border Commissioner Luke Wilson to find solutions to these issues.

“Issues like this cause confusion and impact both sides of the border,” she said.

“I want to reduce the confusion around licensing and reduce the red-tape. This is a State issue, there is no federal legislation that directly governs licensing. Licences are issued and regulated by the State.”