Electorate Tour - visit Baranduda, Kergunyah, Dederang and Mount Beauty

MEDIA RELEASE: Jacqui Hawkins, Independent candidate for the state seat of Benambra, will continue to take her message to centres across the electorate this week.

Jacqui will spend Thursday and Friday on another electorate road tour. On Thursday she will visit Baranduda, Kergunyah, Dederang and Mount Beauty.

She will be at the Baranduda general store at 12.30, the Kergunyah hall at 1.30 the Dederang pub at 2.30pm and Mt Beauty Bakery from 4pm.

On Friday she will be at the Barnawartha store from 8.30 am and then have a street walk in Chiltern from 10am.Jacqui will welcome local residents to meet her and discuss issues they believe are important to their area, or Benambra as a whole, and the state in general.

For those who wish to discuss the election with Jacqui and have not met her, the easy way to pick her out is the bright yellow T-shirts she and her supporters wear, “I would love to hear from any residents who have matters that concern them as I continue my efforts to make Benambra matter,” Jacqui said.

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